Hi! I'm Drew.

I’m a 2D animator / graphic designer / miscellaneous-creator-person. I'm a freelancer based in the South West of England, open to animation, illustration and graphic design roles.

I graduated from Falmouth University in 2020 with 1st Class Hons in Animation & VFX, specialising in classical 2D animation.

I have a strong background in both fine art and graphic design, and am a motivated and hands-on worker and learner. I love to get stuck into projects alongside a passionate team, and am comfortable working with a range of team dynamics, both in-person and remote.

I am also the owner and designer of Morningstar Makes RPG, an Etsy-based small business selling hand-designed TTRPG accessories and gifts, including themed DND spell card sets and hand-made candles.

On a less professional note, I have a life-long love for all things fantasy, from faerie tales to DnD, and in my spare time I like to play tabletop games with my friends, draw and write about my OCs, and explore the creative and nostalgic world of the indie web.

A digital illustration of a faerie with a jack'o'lantern for a head. They are wearing a purple hoodie and holding a Wacom stylus that is as tall as they are.